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Studies and Courses

SoSe 2021

In the summer term, the following courses are offered as online courses:

  • Bachelor and Master: Business plan seminar
  • Master: Qualitative Research Methods (together with Chair of Human Resources Management and Business Governance)
  • Master: Challenges of Strategic Management
  • Master: Master seminar in Strategic Management
  • Master: Management II: strategy implementation
  • Master: Knowledge management

WS 2020/21

In the winter term, the following courses are offered:

  • Bachelor: Lecture and Seminar "Principles of Management"
  • Bachelor: Lecture and Seminar "Grundlagen der BWL"
  • Bachelor: Seminar in German and English (only upon distribution)
  • Master: Lecture "Issues in Management Theory" (Theorie der Betriebswirtschaftslehre)
  • Master: Lecture Mitarbeiter- und Unternehmensführung (together with the Department of Human Resources and Business Governance)
  • Master: Lecture Strategic Management I: Leadership and corporate culture
  • Master: Master seminar
  • Bachelor/Master/PhD: Methods for theses and dissertations: Qualitative empirical research using the method of GABEK

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Acceptance of grades received at other universities

For starting the process of acceptance of grades that will be/have been received from other universities – for courses offered by the department of Strategic Management, we need the following information:

  • Website of the course on the homepage of the university (screen shot if it is in a restricted area)

  • Content of the course (incl. literature)

  • Schedule of the course (Credits or times when the course takes place (incl. amount of semester/term weeks))

  • Contact details of teacher

Please send the information to before filling out the form of the examination office (Prüfungsamt)

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